Competition Rules

Section 1. Competition Format

- Game : Point Blank
- Game format : 5 vs. 5 Bomb mission(mode)
- No. of Rounds : 5 rounds
- Each Round Time : 3 minutes
- No. of Matches: 2 Matches

Section 2. Match Preparations

- Teams will be provided with an individual account to be used for the PBNC. Each account to contain items and weapons that can be used in the tournament.

- Players are not allowed to change nickname.

- A Players representative is to report at the designated room 30 minutes before the start of the match. Failure to do so would mean team disqualification

- All Team members must be inside the room before the designated time. A grace period of 5 min would be given to the team to complete its members. Failure to do so after the 5 min grace period would mean team disqualification

- Each captain (selected by team members before the tournament) must study the rules and regulation properly.

- Selection of Maps will be determined from the list of Maps by the organizer.
Side selection (Red/Blue) will be determined by the team who was the first one to complete the 5 members of the team in the room. After the 1st match (3 rounds) the teams will change team then proceed with the 2nd match on the same map as the first round.

Section 3. Competition Rules

Rules of Elimination

- Competition format : Double Round Robin

- Each game is separate to 2 Matches (3 Rounds as Blue and Red)
- In the event a team has already won by a huge margin, losing team is still required to play properly as the score will be a basis for a draw game.

- Winner will be determined based on the total number of rounds won for both matches
- Points:
Win - 2 points
Draw - 1 point
Lose - 0 point

- In case of a draw, the total number of RW (rounds won) will be taken into consideration.

- Top 4 teams with the highest score will then move to semifinals and finals stage at an onground match

Section 4. Official Maps

- Downtown, Luxville, Blowcity , Stormtube , Sand Storm, Mid Town, Downtown

Section 5. Official Weapons

- Teams are only allowed to have a maximum of 4 identical base guns per round. (Guns that have the same base but different skins are considered identical).

- Players are not allowed to use Primary weapons which have a secondary function of a grenade launcher. Secondary weapons that has functions as a grenade launcher is also not allowed

- Likewise WP Smoke, WP Smoke +, Medkits are not allowed

- Only one player is allowed to use C-5

- Players are allowed to pick up of all weapons from dead character. But are not allowed to pick up weapons that came from an alive team member

- Players are allowed to switch weapons at the end of each round provided that they follow the limit for identical guns.

- For using the sniper rifle, each team can use this weapon only 1 person per 1 team.

- Players will only receive 1 warning for not following the rules assigned for official weapons. Upon the 2nd offense the team would automatically be disqualified.

Section 6. Official Parts

- Players are only allowed to use the beret from the ACT
- Masks and other berets are not allowed

Section 7. Official Items

- Quick Change Weapon and Quick Change Magazine are the only function items allowed

Section 8. Official Skins

- All reinforced skin and characters are not allowed

Game Rules

Section 1. Chatting Rules

- Public Chatting is restricted, while Team and Clan Chatting is allowed.

- All team members, including the captains are allowed to use chatting.

- Players can use the Public Chat in the room lobby

Section 2. Illegal Programs Bug definitions

- Only the organizers can rule whether the use of illegal software and bugs took place during the game.

- However, captains can voice protests and are to do so immediately after the use of illegal software is noticed.

- Taking advantage of any map bugs is strictly forbidden

- Character assisted boosting also is strictly forbidden.

- Use of any Third Party Programs that are considered hacking tools will result to immediate disqualification and permanent ban of the accounts used.

- Players who are proven to abuse bugs and use third party programs will not be allowed anymore to join future online tournament

Section 3. Abnormal Situations

- Should a computer error occur, the team should immediately post it in the ingame chat.

- Should a game crash or get disconnected , all scores will be kept intact and everyone has to remake the game at the end of the match. Example: Game is already at 2 blue - 1 red, one of the computers restarted. The Players will continue the match and let the players finish the round. If during the match where in one member got DC and the round winner will be red. After the remake the match will resume with a score of 2blue - 2 red

- Game Crashes/Unintentional Disconnection: Any connection loss of one player due to game client, system, network, PC, and/or power problems/issues at the middle of the match regardless if the disconnected player is either dead or alive. The game will continue to the disconnecting player's team's disadvantage and the players must remake the game at the end of the match

- Game Leaving/Intentional Disconnection: Any connection loss of one player due to a players actions. Game will continue to the disconnecting player team's disadvantage. Unless otherwise the facilitator ordered that players must intentionally disconnect and remake the game.

- Necessary modifications are to be completed within 5 minutes and the match resumed immediately afterwards. If the team member failed to reconnect given the 5 min. period the team would choose to either to continue without their team member or forfeit the match. But the disconnected player may not reenter in the middle of the game after the disconnection had happen if the team already decided to continue without him.

- The whole team is given a total of 5 min waiting time for the disconnected players. If all the waiting time has been used up the last disconnected player who left the room may not enter anymore and the game shall resume immediately. If the last disconnected player is still in the room, the disconnected player may still join the match

- For cases that the whole team got disconnected, The event marshal will contact the disconnected team to know the reason for disconnection. A player representative must be available within a 5 min grace period. A 5 min period would be given to the team to complete its members. Failure to report back after the assigned time would mean disqualification of the team.

Tournament Participants

- Only 8 teams will be competing in this match which are chosen from the Captain's League

- These 8 teams are not allowed to participate in other online and onground tournament until the team is dropped from PBNC.